When you urgently need an education and assessment industry veteran to handle an editing, writing, art, layout project on the double . . . where can you turn?

One of the gigantic job search sites? A panicked search on LinkedIn? Calls out to all your friends and colleagues? Spending hours of your time to find someone who you can, cross your fingers, do the job? That is a lot of person-hours spent for a highly uncertain return. Surely there must be an alternative.

Welcome to Wise Apple, a subscription service offered by CeresEd, where you get your pick of top talent from the strongest, most diverse contingent workforce in the education industry. Finding the right person to handle a specialized task in the Wise Apple network of 2000+ experts involves familiar Google-style search functions. You can quickly locate:

  • Instructional designers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Video editors
  • Graphic artists and illustrators
  • Animators
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Copy Editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Voiceover artists
  • And more!

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How to Pick a Wise Apple

CeresEd, a leading educational course and content creation company, has carefully curated its own freelance network developed over the course of 20 years of providing award-wining development services to the world’s leading K12+ companies. Now we are making that network available to a select groups of clients. Using the same state-of-the-art search functions that CeresEd uses to select ideal teams for clients, Wise Apple subscribers can search for and hire freelancers directly from the CeresEd network. They set the fee and deadline together, and CeresEd handles the rest — from contract to payment.

How to Subscribe

The Wise Apple service is rolling out in beta testing with a select group of CeresEd clients in Q1 of 2023. Please email wiseapple@ceres-ed.com for continuous updates on our launch in Q2 2023.