Ceres is Re-Presenting Educational Content.

Ceres grows content that values and inspires all learners. We recruit, welcome, and support creators and staff from all communities. And as much as we excel at making content that teaches, we also excel at listening, learning, and evolving. We want to nurture the natural love of learning that exists in all people and unlock the immense value of education for every single student. We will keep trying, experimenting, and reaching out until we succeed.

If that is your organization's mission as well, we are on the same path. Tell us where you're heading, and we can help you get there.

Honors Mindset by Synthia Saint James
Educational Products Graphic by Saint James

We Create Superb Content for Educational Products.

Our content development team boasts decades of experience in educational product development. Versatile instructional designers, subject matter experts, writers, and editors are ready to make your project a success. Dedicated information curators are on hand to keep your database reference products refreshed. Talented designers and artists specialize in developing educational products. Our team of experts is ready to help.

Our Instructional Design Expertise Merges Creativity and Compliance.

The CeresEd network of expert creators includes instructional designers in K12+, higher ed, government and corporate training as well. Meeting the needs of learners with a vast range of abilities, likes, dislikes, and goals means bringing creativity into balance with legal compliance and educational best practices.
graphic of merging content

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